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Georgia Prince:

Georgia Prince has worked for years in the beauty and cosmetic tattooing industry building up her brand to earn her a very respected and well-established name around New Zealand. Her natural flair for beauty and brows has grown her an impressive clientele from all backgrounds of life as she continues to be one step ahead of the industry and demonstrate the highest standard of work for her signature style. For the first time ever she is releasing all her industry tips & tricks, techniques, and industry secrets to bring you closer to your dream of being the best cosmetic tattooist you can be!

During your selected classes you will learn Georgia’s sought-after techniques and brow mapping demonstrated on live models followed by your own learning and practice on your own models, all supervised closely by Georgia to build confidence and support.



You will learn and be demonstrated in:
* The importance of sanitation in the industry, how to avoid cross-contamination,

   and trolley set up.
* Colour theory including Georgia’s favourite brands and pigment range.
* How to achieve the perfect pre-draw including tips and tricks to get your brow as 

   symmetrical and sharp as possible.
* The importance of your outline and how to get it right
* 2 different techniques and how to achieve the perfect front fade of an ombré brow
* How to achieve consistent healed results every time
* My preferred aftercare methods and why they work
* Troubleshooting and Q&A throughout the entire training to answer any

   questions or worries

Click below to see which training will suit you best and enquire below if you wish to enroll in our courses. If you’re still unsure what suits you, give us a call and we will be more than happy to have a chat! All training requires a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in the course.

Trainings are 2-3 people maximum, ensuring you receive Georgia’s full attention. Georgia Prince (027) 829 1407


NOW OFFERING ONLINE TRAINING - Are you an artist in the industry wanting to take your work, skills and technique to the next level? 

During Georgia's online training you will learn

  • Consultations

  • Skin anatomy

  • Hygiene & sanitation

  • Georgia's favourite machine and pigments

  • Latex demonstration

  • How to pre draw like a pro

  • A live demonstration

  • Common mistakes

  • MANY tips & tricks!

       Click below to learn more

Online training: $999NZD

Click the link below to get you started:

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