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Lip blush is a semi permanent cosmetic tattoo with limitless benefits! Designed to enhance your natural lips, it can add subtle colour and give the illusion of more defined plumper lips without the need for injectables or surgery! It can also help neutralise darker tone lips and even out discolouration. Lip blush is very customised to your lip vision, so it can be as subtle and natural, or as bold as you desire. Let us give you the lips of your dreams! Lasts 18-24 months before needing a colour boost.

*Dark lip neutralization not available. Please email me for a referral or recommendations.

First Appointment: $599 (3 hours) 
8 Week Touch Up: $150
3rd or addition appointments within 1-3 months: $150 per session


My personal favourite! This gorgeous technique is layers upon layers of tiny ink pixels all built up to create a semi-bold brow starting from front to tail. This technique is very customisable to your vision, so if you’re after a bold glam makeup look or an “I want them to still look natural when I haven’t got makeup on” look this technique is perfect for you! This is the most popular and long-lasting technique out of all 3, lasting up to 18 months before needing a colour boost.  

Full Ombre brows: $699
(plus $100 for 5-8 week brow touch up)

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Combination brows are the best of both worlds- hairstroke & ombré. Combing the 2 techniques the front of the brow begins with hairstrokes before fading into a more semi bold ombré to give you a defined arch and tail- perfect for ladies who have a lack of brow hair or who fill their brows in daily. If you’re after something natural but still want your brows to pop, look no further than the ever popular combination brow technique! Lasts 12-18 months before needing a colour boost.

Full combination brows: $699
(plus $100 for 5-8 week brow touch up)


This technique implants individual lines into the skin to mimic your own natural brow hairs and give the illusion of fuller, hair like looking brows. Paired with naturally full brows this technique is fantastic for filling in the gaps and restoring your brows to their natural glory! This is one of the most common cosmetic tattoos in the industry, and it’s not hard to see why! Lasts 9-12 months before needing a colour boost.

Full hair stroke brows: $699 
(plus $100 for 5-8 week brow touch up) 

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The latest, in demand brow treatment to hit the market! Similar to a lash lift/perm but for your brows, this treatment is amazing for taming unruly brow hairs and girls that love the fluffy full brow look! Lasts 6-10 weeks. This is not a tattoo.

Brow Lamination:  $99 (add tint $10)

Old microblading


MUST be pre-approved prior to booking. Email clear photos of your brows with no makeup on to

Full cover-up: $699

(plus $120 for 5-week brow touch up)



Your brows will need to be maintained to keep them looking fresh and beautiful, and in most cases, an annual appointment is required every 12-24 months. Any maintenance appointments made outside of the maximum time frame, 24 months, will be charged at full price (see new set prices above).

Annual top up appointments


- 9-12 months $359 

- 12-18 Months $399  

- 18-24 Months $449

Third or extra Sessions - $139 per session (within 6-8 weeks)

Annual appointments


+ Can I book a free consultation?

Absolutely! Send me an email or give me a call to arrange a time to come in.

+ Where are you located, and what are your opening hours?


I am based in Wellington City. You can see the opening times and address for the salon here.

+ I'm pregnant or breastfeeding, can I still get cosmetic tattooing?

Unfortunately you can't receive cosmetic tattooing if you are either pregnant or breastfeeding. However, breastfeeding mamas who are only feeding occasionally and who have the option of formula feeding for the 7-10 day healing phase, can receive cosmetic tattooing only if they are prepared to formula feed exclusively + express and discard their breastmilk for the healing phase. Breastfeeding as normal can be continued after the healing phase is complete.

+ How long is the appointment?

Your first session with me is between 2.5-3 hours and includes a consultation, pre draw and tattooing. Your 5-8 week touch up is between 30-60 minutes.

+ Am I allowed to bring my friend or child to my appointment?

Unfortunately I don't allow any guests in the salon for our appointment together. Your 3 hour appointment is specifically reserved for your time with me and my undivided attention, and guests can sometimes be a distraction.

+ Do you use numbing cream and does it hurt?

After 3-4 minutes of initial discomfort per brow(which is very tolerable, I would compare it to the feeling of threading), I apply a numbing gel which works in 1-3 minutes! After this has been applied(and reapplied several times during the appointment to maintain comfort) majority of clients either don't feel a thing and enjoy the rest of the appointment talking away or enjoying their peace and quiet away from the world, or fall asleep for the rest of the appointment. No client in my entire career has ever stood up and walked out because they haven't been able to tolerate the feeling of the tattooing- 9/10 times my clients exclaim "oh that's not bad at all!".

+ How do I prepare for my appointment?

No coffee, tea, alcohol, pain killers, energy drinks or pre workout 72 hours before your appointment. You are most welcome to wear makeup to your appointment but bare in mind most of the makeup around forehead/eye area will be wiped off during the session. 

+ How do I know it will suit me?

During your first appointment we go over a thorough consultation to discuss your brow vision, skin type, lifestyle, age and available techniques that would suit all of these factors. Whether you wear makeup daily, how often you sweat and what your expectations are for your potential brow tattoo are just some of the things to consider when choosing the perfect technique for you! After your consultation and after you have had the opportunity to express any worries or concerns you might have, we can then proceed to the pre draw of your appointment.

Using a makeup pencil I spend about 30-60 minutes drawing on the ideal brow shape for your face based on your bone structure, natural brows, age and brow vision. After I am completely happy and confident with the pre draw you can then review your new and improved shape in several mirrors to see how you feel, and if you are 100% happy to go ahead we can then proceed with the tattoo.

In very uncommon instances if you are not completely happy, we can work together to tailor it more to your vision, but if we cannot reach a mutual agreement there is no obligation to go ahead with the appointment.

In this case do keep in mind your deposit will be forfeited to cover my time spent with you.

*It is important to come in with an open mind when coming to your brow appointment. Based on my professional opinion and experience, I may occasionally recommend a slightly different shape to what you may be used to having on your brows or how you fill them in to create more balance and harmony.

+ What are the list of contraindications that would prevent me from getting this treatment?

- If you are under the age of 18

- Pregnant or breastfeeding(see top of FAQ)

- If you are prone to keloid scarring

- On blood thinning medication

- If you have been on acne medication in the last 9 months

- Transmittable blood diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis

+ How long does it take to heal?

7-10 days is the average time for your brows to heal, however each person is different and if you notice you are taking a few more days than normal to heal it's crucial not to pick or pull at the brows in an attempt to speed up the healing. Everyone's body heals differently and it's important to trust the process!

2-3 days is the average time for lip tattooing to heal.

+ How often do I need to get it done?

Clients usually get their brows or lips touched up anywhere between 12-24 months. Annual touch up prices can be seen here.

+ Can I sweat/exercise or get my tattoo wet during the healing phase?

No sweating, working out or getting your tattoo wet is allowed during the 7-10 day healing phase. Light walks are fine, but nothing that will raise your heart rate too much. Working out/sweating while healing puts you at risk of infection and poorly healed results. 

+ I need to reschedule my appointment, how can I do that?

Get in touch with me as soon as possible to move your appointment to another suitable date and time. If you need to reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment your deposit will forfeited to cover my time that was reserved for you that may not be able to be filled due to the short notice, and you will need to pay another deposit to secure your next chosen date.

If I forget about my appointment and don't show up, what happens?

Your deposit will be forfeited to cover my unused time and you will need to pay another to rebook.

+ My brows are really light after my first session, is this normal?

Yes! Cosmetic tattooing usually needs 2 initial sessions for best results- your first appointment and your 5-8 week follow up. After your first appointment you may leave with your brows super dark and intense(normal), and during the 7-10 day healing phase the tattoo will form a crust on top of the skin and over the week will shed off in flakes/chunks. Once this crust has shed it will reveal a much lighter and softer result in comparison to the dark crust that was sitting on top, and you may feel that your tattoo has come off with the healing process. 

This is completely normal and the tattoo darkens up all by itself after 2-3 weeks, then just a few weeks later you have your touch up. This is when you have the option of altering the colour or tone, making them darker or adjusting any patchy areas. It's definitely a roller coaster of emotions, but important to hang on and trust the process!

+ I have an old brow tattoo done by someone else, can you go over it or fix it?

Potentially! Email me some clear photos to along with when you had them done and I will be happy to have a look. This is a requirement before booking in a cover up because sometimes previous work done elsewhere cannot be covered well and tattoo removal may be a better option.

+ My brow tattoo has turned red, what can I do?

Cosmetic pigments are usually made up of yellow, black and red oxides in different ratios to provide you a wide range of shades suitable for brow tattooing. In certain brands, overtime the oxides breaks down and is expelled from the body, but red being the most stable and stubborn of the 3 tends to linger in the body for much longer than the rest- in turn leaving a red/salmon hue in some cases.

Unfortunately pink/salmon brows are very common in PMU. There are several factors that can also contribute to discolouration, some including repeat exposure to UV rays with no sun protection, and poor aftercare.

Pink/salmon brows are easily fixed by counteracting the pink with an olive green shade to bring it back to brown AKA a colour correction and a colour boost- easy as that! 

+ Can I wear makeup after my tattoo?

Makeup directly around the area isn't recommended straight after your brow appointment, but wearing makeup during the healing phase is completely fine- just be careful to go around your brows when doing so and when removing your makeup use a makeup wipe gently around the area. 

+ Do I still need to get my brows waxed or tinted if I get them tattooed?

Yes! Your brow hairs will still grow as normal so it's recommended to keep them waxed/tidied every 4-6 weeks to keep them looking fresh and to enjoy the full benefits of your beautiful shape! If you have naturally light hair I also would recommend a brow tint every now and then/before an event in to give them a subtle colour boost or to help blend the hair into the tattoo if you have opted to have your tattoo darker than your natural brow hair.

+ Does it last forever?

Unfortunately your cosmetic tattoo will not last forever, and it usually fades from the skin completely within 3-6 years. This is due to us not implanting the ink as deep into the skin as a standard body tattoo, and that is what provides you with a much more natural looking result.

+ If I decide to cancel my appointment, can I get a refund for my deposit?

Deposits are non refundable.

What is my aftercare instruction post appointment?

Day 1: Wipe your brows every hour with either a fragrance free baby wipe or clean damp cloth to remove any excess purging. 

Day 2-10: No wiping. Apply a very thin layer of vaseline or pawpaw ointment once per morning only until healed.


  • All payments are final are no refunds are given, including your non-refundable deposit. 

  • A no-show fee of $150 is required to rebook if you miss your initial appointment OR touch-up appointment without prior arrangement. 

  • All skin heals and holds pigment differently, and I cannot guarantee how long your skin will hold the ink. A minimum of 2 sessions within 12 weeks is required to see proper results. 

  • Initial Touch-ups are within 4-12 weeks, anything outside of this time frame will be charged annual touch-up prices. 

  • Mutual agreement to your template is final, and no changes can be made to this after the procedure. 

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