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Green Eyes and Makeup

Brow mapping
Pre draw course:

Brow mapping - Pre draw course:

Ever felt like your brow mapping just isn’t up to scratch or that it’s holding you back from providing those #browgoals results?


This is a really common issue in the PMU industry and something a LOT of artists struggle with! If you’re interested in upskilling your brow mapping and gaining skills that will leave you with easy go to methods to create the perfect pre-draw every time, enroll with us below.


Maximum 3 students per class This course will also include a bonus social media and marketing module to boost your Instagram and attract new clients!

* 2 different techniques
* How to correct uneven brows
* How to use your artistic eye
* How to map different brow/eye shapes
* Troubleshooting
* Common mistakes
* My favourite tools
* How to edit your photos
* Social media tips


Course duration: 1 full day Cost: $1200.00 + gst


Available dates - coming soon! Email us to register.

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