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Advanced Training

Advanced Training

Perfect for artists who are already blade & machine trained but lack confidence, technique and consistent healed results.


This course will see you learning 1 mapping technique and 2 machine techniques to add to your skillset guaranteed to increase your confidence level, and to cover problems you feel are holding you back.


It will also cover how to consistently achieve great healed results, and correct stretching that you may struggle with. In addition to the above Georgia will also observe and catch any bad habits you may have developed in the PMU industry and how to correct them.


If you are machine trained but wish to upskill your craft to match your goals and vision, this is the course for you!


You will learn:
* Common errors and mistakes
* Troubleshooting Combination technique
* Ombre technique 1
* Ombre technique 2
* How to achieve pixelated fronts
* Correct stretching
* Retention secrets


Course duration: 2 full days Cost: $4,799.00 + gst
Additional machine kit: $799.00 + gst

Available dates - coming soon! Email us to register.

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